Nadine Coventry

Artist based in South East London 

I create art because I love creating new things, I enjoy exploring and  mastering techniques, encapsulating feelings and emotions of the moment,  The aim of CTD is to find the beauty in the everyday, the amazing that we see and have around us plants, sunsets, the parts that reflect and show us glimpses of a creator. The workshops aim to help others find that creating is a joy and a way of expressing themselves whilst sharing with others. 

Clear and transparent designs, was born as I decided to cut back on classroom teaching to focus on my own creativity. I chose the name because I want to be clear about art, not jargon protected or inaccessible. The transparent is that sense of honesty and straightforwardness that makes art not veiled for just the elite in society, but approachable to all.  

I have a degree in Stained Glass and Painting. I have also completed commisions for a wide variety of clients. I have worked as an art teacher for over 19 years with a wide range of ages from 0-92 and run classes for individuals and groups. I also run workshops regularly. 

Enjoy looking at my artwork, reading the blog and if you want to order any prints or commission me then drop me an email.  



Creator of Clear and transparentdesigns

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