Creating on a tablet with a pen is it really art?

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Picasso quote

Art is the essence of an artists imagination, observations and creative thought executed with any media that they can manipulate to create that thought or idea.

So Art is created using any means? How does the tablet and pen compare to a canvas and paint in my opinion ?

As every good Art teacher will tell you the equipment you use is just the tool not the talent!

The tablet and pen for me has been a breath of fresh air in some ways quite literally, as I can work outside with it and I have all the equipment I need all in one small packaged box.

It means everything is at my fingertips no hunting around for materials, which in some ways makes it also quite environmentally friendly as I mentioned in my last post on sustainable art.

For me it makes art more readily accessible I don't need a big studio with lots of equipment. I was able to paint this painting on the beach with the vibrancy and beauty of all the colours and dances of light on the water right in front of me. I didn't have to use a photo which dulled the shades of blues and didn't quite capture the light in the way that is was in front of me. For me this was awesome I was so happy until my tablet died and I wished I had a charger or power pack with me.

This is my painting of some budgies someone commissioned me to paint. The detail I was able to achieve was great however I am not as skilled at blending on the tablet with a pen yet. It is a new skill I am still learning to master. The features in the package I used which was 'Procreate' added a little more than you can get with paints but obviously you don't get that lovely texture on the canvas when its printed but unless its a deliberately tactile piece of work does that really matter?

For paintings and sketches not so much.

I am a convert to the tablet and pen, as you can probably tell, however I will not be throwing out any of my art equipment anytime soon as it is just a new media - or not so much of the new as I am proficient in photoshop from when I trained web design - but new for me to be using all the time as an on the go resource, the pen being the key that has transformed its capabilities for me.

This painting is called Piano Exam and was started on the day of my sons piano exam. The joy of music and the pride in hearing him play all captured in this piece of artwork.

To summarise an excellent tool that you can take anywhere without needing a truck or a trolley! Not as tactile but unless thats an essential part of your artwork thats ok. It enables you to capture the essence of a moment in time. It can also be great to sit and play on - an important part of the artistic process of thought.

What are your thoughts? do share and comment below.

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