Does God see colour? Black and white aren’t even colours right?

So I‘ve been thinking about that phrase ‘Children don’t see colour‘ in terms of skin colour Some people have darker skin than others but it’s all different shades. I don’t even know if anyone actually has the same skin colour as another person? (This is what I found; viewed under a microscope, the skin of any single person contains a wide variety of different colors. There’s no such thing as someone being “white” or “black” or anything remotely resembling those things. Even trying to refine the categories by saying “pink” and “brown” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Even without a microscope, just hold your arm up and look at it. What a rainbow!) Would love to know if it’s been tested, the pigments and shades might be similar but I wonder if our actual skin colour is unique to us! This idea gives me goose bumps as it’s such a reflection of our amazing creator.

I’m listening to a book at the moment by a lady I know called Chine McDonald it’s called ‘God is not a white man‘ and it’s mulling around my brain at the back, as it’s been a week or so since I last listened to it. I was thinking about how does God see us ? I don’t believe he sees the shades of our skins as anything other than the beautiful part of ourselves that it is. Then I started thinking black isn’t even a colour and is white a colour? Are they colours?

So as you can see my artists musings have brought me back to colour and what it is? lets start with black. If colour is light; Black is not a colour it’s the absence of light, if you go into a completely blacked out room there is no light therefore no colour. White is all the colours of the rainbow blended together. This is one idea.

Another idea is that if colour can be made into pigments like a black pen or a white pen that then makes them pigments. Then black becomes a mix which looks like a very dark colour - not sure this is ever pure black in this way. The black is more of a very dark grey. White is not a colour in this way as you can not mix white. Interestingly doing more of my paintings on the iPad I have noticed that pure white is incredibly difficult to create within the colour pigments circle.

The centre of the circle of colour is similar or like white but most of them are very light grey shades.

So is black a colour ? is white a colour? Not really sure but there are definitely shades of colours that come very close to both. I find it interesting that without light we would have no colour - I think we all need more light in our life so we can have more colour! Maybe that’s why most people love it when the sun shines as colour becomes more vibrant and alive. Let me know your thoughts or comments I do love writing a blog as you just get to say what you are thinking which leads me into my next blog which is how to think and become creative.

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