What inspires you?

Recently I have been thinking about inspiration. What inspires you? I recently have started teaching a year 5 class and one of the projects we are doing is based around Jean Michel Basquiat and Banksy – using stencils and printing. I was surprised to find it really inspiring to learn more about these two great artists.

What exactly inspired me?

Well Banksy’s work is not only amusing it also makes strong political statements. I love the anonymity, especially after so many years and so much speculation. I’m inspired by the guts of his work and his bravery in where he puts his work.

Jean Michel Basquiat is inspiring in a different way I am inspired that he did so well with so much against him in life. Having to deal with a mother with mental health issues and a broken home he used his art to make away for other young black artists.

These two picture shows a Banksy work with a Jean Micheal Basquiat work on the wall of the Barbican in London. The first is perhaps a comment on how Basquiat, who was one of the first famous black American artists, would be treated if he was working today, given how black people are still much more likely to

be targeted for stop and search than white.

The second picture of a Ferris Wheel is a comment on the Jean Michel Basquiat exhibition: a graffiti artist that you have to pay to see his work? Banksy wrote on his Instagram account: “Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican – a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls.”

Another artist that has inspired me recently is Alma Thomas she was an art teacher for so long and she didn’t become famous until she was 68! How cool is that! Being an art teacher and turning 50 this year I need that kind of inspiration! It’s never too late people!! Her work is very beautiful as well as up-lifting.

I have a piece of work being exhibited in the Blackheath Art Society online exhibition which is inspiring and again like Alma Thomas shows its never too late! Go and have a look you can purchase one of my art pieces until June 30th 2022

As well as artists inspiring I started thinking about people that inspire me everyday. I work with some truly terrific people in my school. They inspire me! Schools are genuinely giving places of work and it helps when you get teams of adults that support and encourage each other daily.

I'm inspired by my husband and my son. They both get praises sent home regularly from their work and their school. Its inspiring that they are both genuinely hardworking and lovely people, it inspires me that the places they go everyday are appreciating that!!

I think in a world where it’s easy to get dragged down by negativity in the press, social media and unfortunately for lots of people in their own homes. Let’s be the kind of inspiration for others that we need in our own lives.

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