Whatever happened to Picasso?

This week I commented to one of the pupils I was working with how their work looked so much like Picasso. The child turned around and asked me 'Who is Picasso?' I was actually quite shocked! Surely everyone has heard of Picasso or is it only people up to a certain age that have?

Our Art curriculum at school is now full of a vast array of different artists; we are encouraged to look at women artists, black artists and contemporary artists in a way that probably didn't happen a good few years ago. I assume this is progress as it means art is no longer to be viewed as a white rich mans world, however there is still room for a little Picasso and some of the old masters in my opinion. As someone who has many years experience in the art world, people often assume you have heard of all the different artists. But I can assure you It is impossible to know all the artists especially to keep up with all the contemporary ones.

However I did go and see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition a few weeks ago. Yayoi is a japanese artist who works with light and reflection to produce the most amazing installations. She has an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London.

She is very old now, at 93, but still managing to exhibit and explore this crazy world of infinity mirrors.

Little warning: Some of the photos of her in the exhibition are quite fallic and having three twelve year olds with me made for some interesting conversations and a little embarrassment!

Lights and water ...

This is the second exhibition I've seen of her work. It was great but seemed very short!

Worth a visit if you can get tickets. but a little bit hyped (it would have been good for members of the Tate not to have to book to see it (a little bug bear of mine)) .

Talking of exhibitions (subtle link there).. I now have another two paintings in an exhibition not at the Tate so you don't have to book! Its at a beautiful Church building called St Michaels and the Angels (SMAG for short) and is online at Smagart.com or in person at set hours until the 2nd July 2022. Hours for visiting in person are on the about page of their website.

These are my two paintings:

This painting is called Fluffy clouds. It is up by the river as you walk towards the 02 from Greenwich, and it was a very blue day. The river was really blue and the sky was clear apart from these little fluffy clouds.

Available to purchase for £300 on the Smagart.com website.

This painting is called Tulips and is a beautiful bunch of tulips I was bought to say thank you. Tulips are a beautiful flower and bring so much joy whilst they last.

This is available to purchase for £300 on the Smagart.com website until July 2nd 2022

Enjoy x

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