All commissions are made to the customers specifcications and requirements. They are made using leaded glass or in some cases a mix of lead and copper foil 


Tolworth infant school 

This is a piece called Tulip and it was for an internal window in a house in South East London. I designed and made it from leaded glass. 


This panel was made using copper foil pieces and a lead frame. It was an abstract design using the customers favourite colours. 

Green and grey abstract Kaia

Tolworth Infant school this was my degree piece which I designed with another student called Sally Saill. We worked with the children to create a Kandinsky flowing river and used the children's ideas to influence the design. 

Let the river flow

This  commission was called Alpha and Omega and was made for a Church building 

Alpha and omega

This simple panel was made using copper foil with a leaded border the customer didn't want it installed in a window just in case they moved on. 


This was a commission for a friend of mine.