During my career I have worked on several projects to help out with different events, to running clubs to organising workshops, to webdesign. Below I am showcasing a few of these for you to see.   Any ongoing or new events will be put on this page. 

display of final work.png



This is an additional group that I run for primary age pupils. The group has over twenty pupils regularly every week. We completed many different projects, if you saw my blog you'll understand that a lot of my vision was creating a space for 'art for arts sake' and to teach skills and techniques that would stay with the pupils for years. Including submitting the pupils work for  the National gallery Take one picture exhibition. 


Workshops for adults

During 2019 I ran several workshops called Be Still - the purpose of these was to create a space for people to come and use different art stations around the room. They were given a focus to meditate on and it had a spiritual focus as well. The adults worked in silence to enable each other to focus.  There will be more of. these coming soon.



The Bear lights up for Christmas 

Over the Covid period of 2020-21 our local Church the Bear, embarked upon a project to light up Christmas as part of this my husband created a stable and I created all the nativity figures in glass. 


Mural design for primary school: 

During lockdown the school I work at part time offered the opportunity to create a few murals around the school with other members of staff. 

Gruffalo mural.jpeg

If you would like clearandtransparentdesigns to run a project for you please do get in touch;